Cappuccino with Rum Shot

August 11, 2007 jeansdream

There were couple scenes last night in my dream.

Scene #1 – my hubby and I were on a cruise ship. Someone asked him to join a party of 3 to play golf. He accepted. I was not happy!! I ordered a cappuccino with a side shot of rum in front of my hubby and that “bad” guy. I felt it’s cool to order such a stylish drink. This was my revenge. 🙂

Scene #2 – hubby and I were in a restaurant. He felt sorry. 🙂 He wanted to order a special flower drink for me. He waiter said the restaurant no longer offered this product, and this product was $80 and it’s too expensive as a drink and no one ordered this drink, so it was discontinued. Too bad.

Scene #3 – (probably in the same restaurant) we had several luggages on 2 rolling carts. My hubby were guarding the front one and I was behind. He went into a washroom. I put my handbag on top of my cart. Then I was looking at the washroom door. Suddenly a purse snatcher dashed away with my handbag! He was hopping around, “casually” running and escaping… I tried my best to catch him but I couldn’t… I was groaning then…

Doo doo doo…. Doo doo doo…. Doo doo doo…. alarm clock went off. End of grief! 🙂

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