Complicated Love-Life Decisions

August 6, 2007 jeansdream

Boy oh boy, I was having and making difficult love-life decisions one after another in my dreams last night!

I was single, but was engaged in two deep reationships, one known to the general public and another one was an underground relationship. It must be near the wedding with the general public one. I was talking on the phone with the underground guy and he had already moved to live in a diferent country. He asked me to talk to the carpenter for the color of one cabinet (a set of 3) while the other two where already shipped overseas. I said I wanted it to be pink and I emphasized it had to be light pink, not bright, shocking pink. (This might be the effect of a TV ad about a store being able to color-match any object customers bring to them.) Then I questioned myself why would I make this decision. Picking a color wasn’t that difficult, but it was the significance of picking a color of a furniture as the new owner that was the serious subject. And I asked myself who I loved more.

Then the next scene, I was already on the set of the wedding ceremony. (Now I don’t remember which guy. 🙂 ) This seemed to be something pulled together in a hurry. I was among the guests talking. Then I reminded myself that I should be hiding somewhere not to be seen by guests before the ceremony. Then I left the crowd. Then I was asking about my bouquet. I didn’t have one, but someone gave me a small one, and I riped off a part of decor which I didn’t like and I ended up having couple of short stems. Then someone gave me some loose, long stem white calla lilies. I liked these but they were difficult to carry because they were not tied in a bundle.

The guests in the ceremony didn’t seem impressed and some of them even showed disapproval of this marriage on the facial expression.

Then I was explaining to my girlfriend about my decision. We were walking uphill in a park in the evening. I said, “You know I don’t know how to express my feelings and how to handle disagreements…” Then she said, “Then you escaped?” and I said, “Yes I fleed.” She seemed to understand me more. Then we walked passed some rusty cannons sitting on bare land on the left, and it reminded me that I was very close to home. I was very pleased.

I am so glad this was only a dream! Looked tiring and messy and I don’t have the energy and time to deal with this!!


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