Washroom and Gamma

July 31, 2007 jeansdream

I had 2 dreams 2 nights ago.

One was about my “favourite”, recurring dream theme – washroom scene. It was an old school building. The washroom was under repair. There’s a cleaning nanny, and a guy worker wearing a construction had, climbing up on a stair, fixing something on the ceiling. I couldn’t care less what he was fixing… I wanted to go…

Then the nanny asked me to go to the other side. The units on the other side were up on a big step. There were 2 sets of swinging gates in front of each unit, one before the step and one after the step. But the gates were only waist-high. That means, the guy standing on the stair top would see me! No… no no no! OK, I walked over to check out another set of units. OMG, either it was super dirty and wet, or the bowl was stuffed with toilet paper rolls, even the paper wrap! Didn’t find a suitable unit…

The second dream was about a girl whose name was Gamma. She was about eight to ten years old. Dark straight hair of shoulder length, big dark eyes. She didn’t have a cute look; more of a sophisticated type. She said she’s born of the Heavenly Father, unlike us. But I was so worried and I told her, “That means, you don’t recognize that you are a sinner, and you won’t be saved!”


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