Analog Tapes and Dad

July 5, 2007 jeansdream

I had many dreams this morning before the alarm clock went off.

I was living in a flat also cohabited by 2 more families. The rooms were partitioned by thin woods. Someone rang the door bell. I opened the door. A girl asked “angrily” if I had an about-to-fall antenna. I knew for sure I didn’t have one but suggested that it might be one of the families. We opened that room. Wow, the room was full of high-tech audio/video equipment; power was on and there was a big box just outside the room – outside the window frame. It looked like a hugh case for analog tapes – the tapes were in a “spagetti” state – very messy and tangled – not sure if that’s still usable. The tapes were colorful as well. The traditional black, and some red, yellow and blue (or green?) as well. The tapes were narrow, like those found in audio cassette tapes. I didn’t see any antenna tho (I think).

Then the family returned. Oh I knew them well. Our parents were long time friends and the kids played together. I was wondering where one of the kids were, but were shocked to find out that she was dead. I felt really bad of bringing this up to her sibling – fortunately I didn’t mention this to the parents…

Then someone was at the door again. I opened the door and found out it’s my Dad (but he looked 30 years younger). I was very happy and moved and I was so emotional that I cried in the dream.


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