Don’t Drink and Drive

July 1, 2007 jeansdream

I took a power nap just now.

In the dream, I had a glass of wine while everyone was drinking heavily. All of their faces were so red like they were about to explode. My face got red as well, but I thought I was ok as my face always turned red even if I just sipped anything that says Alcohol. I was driving with my hubby taking the front passenger seat.

We were on the road where we travel most sundays to the breakfast restaurant. Hubby asked me to take a left turn, but I missed it. Then he asked me to stay on the left lane, but I couldn’t… I could not steer to stay on the left; I was leaning towards the right lane though my mind also wanted to stay on the left! I knew then it was the alcohol kicking in, messing my control up; I was in deep agony, but it was too late!

Then I woke up and told my hubby that I had a dream. He said, “I know.” I asked if I was talking. He said I made “difficult” noises. 😀

My friend, don’t ever drink and drive. Even if you might be 90% operational, but if someone’s also 90% operational and s/he made a stupid mistake, you don’t have the 10% that would have normally saved you from the stupid mistake… yes, s/he might go to the jail for that, his/her insurance may suck big time from then on, true that person got the punishment, but, your loved ones may have lost you to DUI!

Arrive alive. Be responsible and love life.


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