Underworld Me

June 25, 2007 jeansdream

It was a long and difficult dream.

The world has become a global war zone. “If you are not us, we are enemies.” I didn’t become “them” – the underworld rulers.

I was a little kid, about 7 or 8 years old. Me, with my other kid friends, and cousins (when they were young) were hiding from places to places – we were not “them” so we were constantly hiding. Otherwise, we would be “zipped” and destroyed.

I was so tired and hungry with the running and hiding all the time. All buildings and walls were very earth-toned. All the pretty / happy colors were no where to be find here. Then I meet a big brother, very kind. We knew each other from the previous job. (Don’t ask me how a child has an ex-colleague 😀 ) I didn’t question how he became “them”. He took me in as if I was “them” and gave me a room in the girls dorm to stay. He also asked me to meet him secretly in the car park after the dark and asked me to be careful not to be revealed as “not them”.

These girls only talked about beauty, boys and other people all day long. I wasn’t that type. It’s difficult to pretend. This life was easier and more difficult at the same time. I was physically running before, and now was psychological running. I was running away from my group. I was pretending to be “them”. I hated the pretense and felt the suffocation of the mind and spirit.

I guess that’s when I was awakened by my hubby’s alarm clock – what a relief! 🙂

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