Almost Lost In Town

June 20, 2007 jeansdream

Last night in my dreams, I was a university student.  It was early evening.  I was in an open-topped stadium with many other students.  There was some kind of sports event going on.

Then the crowd left gradually.  Many of them rushed to the showers.  Did I see that right – men and women in the same hugh shower room?  Yes they were in the same room like “ordinary”.  I wasn’t in Japan tho.  I also wanted to get a shower, but when I saw the lineups, I gave up.  I left the stadium and headed for home.

It was very dark outside.  There were no buildings in the proximity.   Only couple street lights.  There were some bus stations and a cap lineup.  I wanted to take the subway – I was looking at the MTR symbol of HK.  I knew it wasn’t close to where I was, so I hopped onto a bus.  On the bus I looked back to the lighted stadium.  It was changing for some other event; some opening ceremony was about to take place.  I saw music bands drilling.

I didn’t actually look where the bus was destined…  I hopped off in a residential area – that’s where the MTR entrances were, vaguely in my memory.

The area was quiet.  Not many people were on the street at this hour.  I saw an entrance, but it was gated…  oh no… but there must be some entrances that would get me to the subway.

Then I saw a father and teen-aged son walking out of a condo.  I asked the son about the entrance, and he pointed me to the nearest one.  I couldn’t see beyond that path, but I went along – it looked like a proper entrance.

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