June 16, 2007 jeansdream

Last night in my dreams, I was in a company with strong Japanese background. The senior management was 95% Japanese and there was no female at all.

I was a new hire without mentor – a contractor, I reckoned. I was wearing a all-black pant suit with white shirt tucked in. Very formal. I got no office, so I was working in a room full of books on shelves against the wall. There were couple oak long desks and I started laying out files after files. I had a case to analyse.

Then 2 men, talking in low voice and in Japanese as well, stopped at the door (well, a step in the room at the entrance). They didn’t realize I was in the room. They looked like they were talking secrets… So I made some noises with the files. They stopped the conversation at once. I pretended to look at that direction “casually”. With a brief expression of relief, they started coming into the room, looked around the room. They asked who I was, and “politely” asked if they could use this room for meeting. Well, they had kicked me out.

Then I heard 2 ladies talking in the corridor outside a mail room, one older and another one seemed like a high-school interim working in the mail department. The older one was convincing the other to voice her work harassment; she said she could help…

Too much oppressions; too depressed; next dream!

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