20 Year-Old 30 Years ago

June 5, 2007 jeansdream

It was a romantic dream I had couple nights ago; just didn’t have the time to blog it.

I was young, about 20 years old.  A friend of my parents (actually my Dad’s) (similar age as my parents) was a bachelor.  He was never married.  According to my Dad, he stayed single because his mind was taken by a girl he met 30 years ago, sort of love at first sight.  My Dad said the girl he couldn’t let go was wearing pony tail.
This uncle had grey short neat hair, was charming and gentle, always smiling and kind, but between his eye brows, I noticed a very subtle sadness… kinda felt pitiful for him.

Then for some reason I had to travel back in time to inform my dad about something very important.  I had my fav demin shirt and jeans on and was casually tiding my hair to the back with a pink ribbon.  I snugged into the time machine, and there I went – 30 years back when my dad was so young.  He didn’t recognize me (of course – I wasn’t born then!!); just took me as some person he ran into and gave him some really good news; we were all happily laughing together, me in particular (of course – imagine talking to your folks before you were born…).  Then a friend of him came for a visit; I said Hi to him, smiled to him, gave him my seat and then I left.  I snugged back to “now” with the time machine again.

Then I was thinking about the visitor… his face looked familiar… oh… wasn’t that the uncle “grey hair”?….  oh no, don’t tell me he missed me!! Hey a mistake – this dream girl didn’t really exist… I meant she existed but in a different time zone!!

I think this dream can be used in a fiction or a movie.  If you are interested in acquiring this idea for your next book or film production, please contact me for royalty.  😀

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