Busy Bee

June 1, 2007 jeansdream

I was a busy bee in dreams last night.

I was walking along the shore. There were crowds everywhere. I didn’t see where I was walking on. Hm… this was like a floating platform… I was tired. I needed to rest a bit. I sat down. Then suddenly the platform was shaking vigorously. Oh then I learned from those sitting around me that I actually landed a long boat. The boat was about to leave the shore. Man, how did I stumble onto a boat?? “Wait!! I need to get back to the land!! Wait!” Then I got up and dashed back to the land.

Then I walked by a bluff. There were couple stairs down which led to a nice bayside lookout area. Oh the houses along the bluff was repainted to European style… cute solid colors, thick contrasting lines around the windows and door frames. Royal blue plus black, burgundy plus lemon yellow, white plus sky blue (Greece Mykonos)… oh this added nice touches to the bluff area.

Then a talk, strong, beared guy came out of nowhere. He seemed pretty friendly. He told me that the ancient church at the base of the staircase was renovated and had invited me to go take a look. The church was on the right side of the staircase. He pushed the door of the church open. He walked in and I couldn’t see him anymore. I was still standing at the top of the staircase. I hesitated. I thought it might be a danger trap. Most rappers appeared friendly! Then I saw a pile of ants piling up on a step in the midway of the staircase. Great – that’s my excuse not to follow this seemingly friend guy into the renovated church! I yelled to him about the ants and I fleed!

Then I entered into a shopping mall. For some reason I felt that I wasn’t really walking; I was more like skating or even floating… meaning I was not exactly in control over where I was going. I was looking into a fashion shop – quite small. The staff were busy hanging clothes out in the store as extended display. I was a brownish top. I saw a nice potential combination and suggested that to the staff. They told me this was an outdated top and they wanted to get rid of it. Then the owner told the staff they had an early closure and the staff happily moved the extended display back into the store.

Then I moved on. I went into a bakery store. I asked if there were sugar-wine moist cake. That was Cindia’s favourite! Cindia was one of my grade school buddies. A staff got me two pieces but one didn’t look like the regular triangular white sugar-wine moist cake. She said she knew what she was doing. I didn’t trust her so I didn’t pay for it.

Then I left the bakery store and I was “floating”… perhaps going a bit too fast. Then I went through a double door. I see more stores. But the things and people looked like a vapour… not solid… oh no, I’ve entered the ghost zone… I better hurried up to leave before I got into trouble. Then I floated hard the other way and left the vapourized land.

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