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May 25, 2007 jeansdream

An adventerous night / dream.

I was on a runaway / treasure hunting trip. I was a student, not dressed in school uniform. It was late afternoon / early evening. I was on the street. I went passed the gate of a marine base. The marines were just coming back from the battlefield. People were gathering along the path to welcome them home. What a great heart-warming moment. There were blinking lights all around as decor. There were news media on the other side of the entrance shoting footage this way (my way) as the marines were marching through the gate. I was on the media (as the background). Hee Hee.

Then I went underground into an museum, more like an ancient temple. Many staircases going down. It was dimmed. Came into a compartment. There’s no other exit except the way in. There was an ox statue. It looked like it’s assembled with different movable parts. Didn’t know what to do… Oh there’s a touch screen. I touched it and then it played a video… the ox got lighted up by different parts in some order…. oh! That’s the way! So I pressed on the statue with the exact sequence and the parts got lighted up. Then a hidden entrance revealed itself and I moved on.

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