Gold Digging at Backyard

May 14, 2007 jeansdream

Wow I didn’t know hubby and I were that rich…

Yesterday Hubby and I spent, hm, about 8 hours, 2 persons, digging our backyard for – gold (shhhhh!!). We started from the left, worked our ways to the back, centre, then finally the right. We reminded ourselves to keep our backs straight. We knelt down to the ground, spot the target, processed the target and then moved on. At first I resisted to touch the ground (except the feet; but near the end, I was kneeling, sitting on the ground, crawling with both hands… We actually applied our IT experience to this backyard work. How? We specialized / segregated our tasks and employed the “batch processing” (as supposed to OLTP). Hubby was the hunter and digger. I was the collector and restorer. I used small plastic bags all the time when I was in the field. When one bag was full, I took another bag. Repeated this process until at the end, we put all small bags into big bags (hence, batch). The result was – a full bag and a half bag full of gold! We got our trolley to push the bags to our garage. Tomorrow (not today, today my body is aching like crazy!!) I’ll probaboy work the front yard.

I wonder those who read this blog will dip their hands in the front yard… …

And to conform to the special project communications protocol, we’ll call our gold – dandelions.



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  • 1. kempton  |  May 14, 2007 at 10:54 pm

    Ha ha. Dandelions. Thought of creating a flower garden? Heard that a healthy garden (as oppose to lawns) is a good way to stop the Ds.

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