Wireless Boss, HKPO and Chinese Dance

May 7, 2007 jeansdream

I had couple dreams last night.

The first one was about Ebo.  (In reality, he recently had a new role in the program.  He’s spending more time in else where (other projects) so he has taken a back-seat driver role in the program.)  Senior management people were discussing many things per a list on the meeting’s invisible agenda, and among that list was where to seat Ebo and where to put his desk phone.  They went through the floor plan.  After many suggestions that weren’t that great (meaning, not cost-effective to me anyways), I said, “perhaps we could give him a mobile phone so he can hotel in any available workstation when he’s on site; he uses his laptop anyways so he can be set up as truely wireless…”  The management seemed to like this idea. Then a lady senior manager started talking to me nicely and told me about a software for managing resources. I didn’t know who and what she was but I guessed she was HR.  The tone was as if I would be working for her from now on.  I just went on with the flow and actively listened to her, tho I knew I would again talk to Ebo later if I had a new assignment not told to me in advance.

Then I went into a big hall, like a mini stadium.  The event was for fund-raising or some kind of celebration.  Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and a Chinese Dance team were co-performing.  Oh it was excellent!  The audience was very emotional and expressive as they clapped almost once every 30 seconds, responding to the amazing dance moves.  The dancers were using blue feather fans and they made moves that looked spectactular and the choreography was very hipped and daring (with some major difficult (or may I say, dangerous) details)!  Oh it was such a nice and entertaining arrangement that I haven’t seen before.  There was such a high clarity and preciseness observed from the dancers and they seemed charged (but not distracted) by the rounds of applauses.  The climax was very interesting – one dancer fell from a stack of dancers onto the stage and was pulled about a meter to the left of the stage by others quickly – at first, everyone thought it was a mistake quickly covered by the team (hence you heard gasp and no clappings); but then this “move” was magnified 4 times subsequently – another dancer fell from higher down to the stage and was pulled much further on the stage this time – it’s an echo to the previous move – ah then the audience realized that the falls and the drags were planned and the whole stadium was filled with cheers and whisles.  Very memeorable performance.  🙂


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  • 1. kempton  |  May 7, 2007 at 7:26 pm

    Everything was so vivid in your dreams, I guess thats why you have a dreams’ blog. Hope your boss thing is not going to stress you up too badly. I would have been screaming &%&&$# if I dream about my boss.

    Take care.

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