7 Dogs

April 29, 2007 jeansdream

This happened on the past Wednesday (just didn’t have the time to blog this till now). 

Hubby and I had been to this small restaurant before.  We knew the owner of this restaurant is a dog lover.  Occassionally, there would be a Black Lab appearing in the store.  Usually quite well-behaved, meaning it wouldn’t patrol round the restaurant and it wouldn’t bark at all.

Then last time we visited this restaurant, there were 4 dogs.  Looked like there was a small dog owners’ party.  The dogs were running around freely, chasing around, fighting for toys, and were barking at each other frequently.  The Black Lab was actually a bit wild…  It sniffed around, and when it came to “check me out”, it left a dap of “water” on my lap…  in a restaurant… oh my.

Then the past Wednesday, we saw more people in the restaurant, and more dogs!   Let me see…  a sandy Walsh Terrier, a Bulldog, a black/chocolate brown Basset Hound, 2 Pumis (a black and a white), a Toy Fox Terrier, and the owner’s Black Lab.

Oh my. The dogs were really going crazy and wild. The Bulldog were always tagging the Walsh Terrier (has mating season started??), the Basset Hound was really loud, the 2 Pumis were always running behind the crowd (short legs!). At one point of time, someone asked the owner where the Black Lab was, and the owner said it’s timed out because it was barking at the customer of the store next to the restaurant. Oops, not good!

I am not a dog-feared person. But when all dogs were going crazy, what if one of the dogs started attacking me… I wasn’t impressed. Honestly, I don’t think it’s legally correct to let dogs run around like this – it’s a public place, a restaurant!

Then I told my hubby: my idea of the best characteristics of a good dog – it will keep a close eye on the owners’ place, it will diligently guard the perimeter, let the strangers know that it is watching them, but it won’t show any aggression to the strangers unless the owner gives permission (barking and sniffing closely (when the nose touches your clothes) are forms of mild attack in my stupid opinion). I know, most dogs like to do that, yes I am aware. But if I were owning a dog, I want my dog to have styles. 🙂


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  • 1. kempton  |  April 29, 2007 at 4:13 am

    Sounds like a case of too many dogs spoiling a nice thing. Yeah, 7 dogs running in a small restaurant can’t be too healthy a thing to have.

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