Shrimp Rings, Egg Tarts, and DST

March 11, 2007 jeansdream

Not sure if it’s because I was watching a TV show about different types of bats found in Hong Kong last night that I had this dream.  In the TV show, I saw about hundreds of new born bats patrolled by couple adult bats while their moms were getting food outside.  In my dreams, I saw an artificial pond in a restaurant in a dim corner.  First I saw some tiny fishes, then I saw 2 tiger prawns swimming.  “Ahah, we can catch some for dinner.” 🙂  Then I saw some “bottomless” shrimps swimming, next to them I saw a bunch of baby shrimps lined up in rings swimming as well.  “Oh, some mother shrimps just gave birth to these rings of baby shrimps!”  “Bottomless” meaning I only saw the head part.  😀  The rings looked like fishing hooks.

Another episode wasn’t related to bats or shrimps. I was back at my teens age. I only had 2 bucks. My school mates were having lunch and I was hungry too! I saw 2 bakery stores. They looked like having the same owner… I saw a guy removing egg tarts from the tart moulds. Yum… “3 for $1″… I got two bucks… that means I can have 6 egg tarts… but then I won’t have enough to pay for the tax… Then I asked the guy, “I have two bucks; how many egg tarts can I have?” I was hoping he would say “six”; then I wouldn’t have to pay the tax. 🙂

Also, today is the new daylight saving time (DST) starts in North America. So I lost one hour sleep last night. Hee Hee.


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