Angry Bulls and Tornado

March 2, 2007 jeansdream

Hm… 2 nights ago, I had these dreams.

Scene A –
A pack of bulls were running towards me. They looked angry. I was wondering why they were after me. Ah I was wearing a red trench coat. No wonder! I took it off, folded it. But the angry bulls were still coming this way. I fought with two of them when they passed by and broke one of their horns.

Scene B –
Hubby and I were walking on our way home. It’s a little like a trail on a side park. The path was paved in stones (rough marble stones). It was raining. Then the rain started to pour so hard that it’s difficult to walk as the stones became slippery. Then a turn was coming up. We wouldn’t be able to see what’s after the turn, but we’ve been on this road many times before so it should be ok. More water… and small rapids were rushing out from the other side of the path. Oh no, I couldn’t stand firm… the power of the moving water was not a joke.

Then the sky turned very dark. A female voice was in the air, it’s an announcement, “This is an emergency broadcast from the government; a tornado warning is in effect; take shelter as soon as possible.” And the announcement repeated itself. Then I saw the base of a gigantic grey cumulonimbus started to form an inverted-peak slowly… and the peak reached down with a narrow neck (aka funnel cloud)… oh no… it’s the sign of a tornado… People started to run towards buildings (tall buildings). Some doors were closed and people where knocking on the doors, but there were open hallways next to these closed doors. I yelled to those knocking on the closed doors, “hey, take shelter now, go into the hallways!” Then Hubby and I ran into a hallway. It had glasses in the corridar on both sides. It looked pretty safe. A man was standing there and a lightning stroke down and it went behind another tall building. The man said, “Not much view here; need to go to the other end to see more things.” Then another lightning came down on the other side of the corridar. I grep my hubby’s collar so he was further away from the window.

Well, you know what happened to the stock market around the world. Then today there are deadly tornadoes in the U.S. today.

I don’t like my dreams. 😦

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