Sand Gold Lexus

January 27, 2007 jeansdream

Last night in my dream, I drove a sand gold, high-end performance Lexus (perhaps a SC430) to work. This car belonged to my Father-In-Law. Then a trusted colleague was very interested at this car and wanted to take it for a drive. A group of other girls were also very interested and wanted to go together. Then I witnessed them go. And I was regretting this as I shouldn’t let others drive this car and should at least have gone with them if I weren’t driving. After a while, I saw this colleague but my car hadn’t been returned. He said he let some one else drove it. Then I was not happy and I pulled him aside and seriously and politely “scolded” him (that he bleached the trust and it was my in-law’s car, bla bla bla).

Then the car returned and a girl was trying to pull it away again. I yelled “Stop! Please leave my car!” The girl stopped the car abruptly and got out with other passengers in great disappointment – obviously they were going to have a “good” time… Now I saw that there was a wooden rack attached to the front bumper (sort of like this). That’s strange, I never noticed this rack… Now the car was “trapped” in an awkward position between some concrete plant holders… I was in great grief as my driving skills weren’t good enough to “rescue” the car out from this trap. Then I started to worry that my hubby would not be happy… then I became conscious.


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  • 1. kempton  |  January 28, 2007 at 4:32 pm

    What a scary looking SC430 (if it had that wooden rack thingy). And what a scary dream for you and that SC430 (smile).

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