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January 8, 2007 jeansdream

Last night in my dreams, an ex-colleague of my hubby bought a brand new condo unit and we were guests.  We were eagerly planning to use the swimming pool and the evercise room – brand new condo, bracd new facilities – can’t beat that.   Just when we were to leave, another condo owner who had an unit below this floor (how would I know??), knocked on the door and asked if anyone used any electric applicances.  He complained that the power level dropped considerably about 10 minutes ago.  Ah… I was using an electric waist belt (self-vibrating) which claimed to be a wonderful weight-loss tool then.  But this was just one small appliance… would it cause a power fluctuation for a condo building?  He was quite angry but I didn’t admit to using the belt. Then I wanted to use an empty unit upstairs as a change room, and then there were building security people questioning me about that.  So everything’s not going smooth.  (Hope this is not a sign for that friend as he really just bought a condo to be delivered in about 8 months, in 2007!)

Then someone was passing me a “pin” of a dorsal fin (in my own term, a dorsal fin is on the back (top of spine) of a fish,  a collection of these pins linked up by a soft web), about 1 inch long, spiky hard and brown in color (like a feather), with a ton of tiny hooks along the pin.  (Please don’t ask me how I know it’s from a dorsal fin when there’s only a pin… I am a fish expert… (no, not a fishy expert)!) As I was about to hold it, that person said these hooks were lethal for anyone who’s allergic to “something” (… I don’t remember what he said) and then I got scared and missed that pin and it dropped to nowhere… Most unfortunately, that’s the end of my sleep.


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