Trip Incidents – Work, Hotel and Bus

January 4, 2007 jeansdream

I had an action-packed dream last night.

Hubby and I were on a secret mission trip in Europe. We had to compete with others to crack a combination of digital codes to solve a mystery. We entered old churches and residential buildings, even museums to find the hidden codes. We had a mini double deck cassette tape recorder and we used a USB cable to save these codes. (Yes, I know cassettes are analogue, and we want “digital codes”… thanks for noticing the dreaming Jean is not as logical as the non-dreaming Jean :)). We saw competitors on our way to places, and they were not villains so they weren’t lethal. So far we collected 2 codes, but there were 3 more to go, and we seemed exhausted and the 3 just seemed inaccessible to us. Then we found out that this WAS the spirit of this assignment (yup, suddently it became a work assignment) – no one would break all codes and to complete the assignment, every one must learn to share.

Then the group gathered at the hotel lobby to get ready to leave the place. Everyone was checked out and was ready to go. Then I remembered I didn’t have my passport with me, as the passport was in my blue backpack, but the backpack wasn’t with me. Oh where was it then… oh it was on a bench in my hotel room. So why didn’t I take it with me? Oh I did not get packed for check-out!! I didn’t do any packing – I forgot! Then I asked the 2 tour guide (ladies) what would happen if I checked out but didn’t pack… would the hotel staff pack my stuff? Would they keep my things?… And the ladies started accusing me for storing chocolates in the room frig which I did not.

Then I boarded a bus. It was a double deck and I went to the upper deck. When I was looking out the window, it became apparent that I was in Greece and the street signs were in Greek. Suddenly I realized I didn’t buy a bus ticket. Then I hurried down to tell the driver that I forgot to buy a bus ticket. She wasn’t happy. I gave her a $50 dollar (red bill). The bus fare was $5. The driver gave me $35 back as change. It was $10 short. So I asked her about the change, and then she wrote me a pre-printed white slip with the total amount $4.75 and she said it was the weather-proof insurance which people like me who forgot to buy tickets in advance would need to pay for. “What do I use it for?…” “Oh it’s for when there’s a cancellation of the bus due to weather and you get to use the service at a later time!” Hey but that’s still not the correct change… anyways I didn’t argue with her and just sit by.

In the same bus almost near the destination, which was supposed to be the airport, the driver (now was a “He”) was confused on which path to take. There was a fork coming up, with some road signs and he couldn’t read the signs. I saw a sign with some numbers, and another one with “JAL” on it and I asked the driver to take the “JAL” path, because that’s the only thing related to the airport. But why only list “JAL”? Not sure! 🙂


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  • 1. kempton  |  January 9, 2007 at 7:13 pm

    So much stuff yet you remeber them all. (smile)

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