Two pet spiders in a “martini” glass

December 27, 2006 jeansdream

Last night, I watched a Jeanassic Glass movie in my dream.  “Hey Jean, are you  drunk?  There’s no Jeanassic Glass. There’s only Jurassic Park (III).”

Well, I saw 2 vicious black spiders kept like pets in a “martini glass shaped” glass container (sized like a 1.5 quart mixing bowl).  The container had small holes on the walls which the legs of the spiders could come into contact with outside.  It has invisible wires around the walls with electricity running through the wires.  (No, there’s no top of this container; and please don’t ask me why the spiders can’t escape from the top.) This would make the spiders “safe” to play with, as the electricity would neutralize the poison released at the legs of these spiders.  I had seen others playing with them with their own fingers, and it’s perfectly ok.

Then some guy came along and tried to touch the spider legs.  What he didn’t know was that there’s no electricity running then.  Oh no, as soon as his finger touched the legs of a spider, his finger lost his distal phalanx and the remaining two phalanges (see anatomy of a finger ) got swollen to the size of a baby carrot and had turned white in color – he’s been poisoned!  He yelled in pain and asked people to call the police.

And, this is Jean’s dream version of the JP movie series, hence Jeanassic Glass. 😀

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  • 1. kempton  |  December 27, 2006 at 3:52 am

    There is such a variety of dreams here. Oh man, I hate big spider. Although in recent years, I’ve learned to be kind to small spiders (and insects). For example, if I see a spider in the shower, I will get a piece of paper and try to coax the spider onto the paper and then transport it to the balcony where I will let it go. It is my version of The Transporter.

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