Silkworm with a visible peeline

December 11, 2006 jeansdream

Last night I had a new cough&cold suppressant. Compared to Buckley’s, this syrup had no taste / no smell. Knocked me out real fast too.

Then a had a series of dreams related to dessert.

I walked into a cafe. It had about 2 see-through air-conditoned display boards, full of different types of cakes / desserts. Wow, berry-topped cheesecake, belgium chocolate cake, chocolate drizzled croissant, creme brulee, fruit flan, dutch apple crumble, white chocolate mousse cake, tiramisu, etc etc (here, indulge yourself here and if you read Chinese, here). Then I picked a piece of chocolate bottomed and cherry topped cheesecake made with marcaspone – hmmmm… yum…

Another episode. I was packing my travel luggage. I found that there’s a piece of pound cake wrapped by plastic food wrap. “Oh… how come I have this cake in the luggage…” Wondering if it’s dried up; I took a bite. “OK, it’s still quite moist.” I took another bite and put the rest down. Suddenly, I saw a white worm, like a silkworm but thinner, about one and a half inch long next to the remaining cake on the food wrap… Moving?… oh no… yes it’s moving; it’s alive!! Then I sticked my finger in the mouth to dig out the remaining mouthful cake crumbs… and I saw another silkworm with a dark vein on the back (like a shrimp peeline (intestine) full of shrimp poo)… that thing just came out of my mouth… gross!!!

Oops… sorry to spoil your appetite.

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  • 1. Simon  |  December 12, 2006 at 4:01 am

    Hope the no taste / no smell syrup really fixed your cough and cold. Then you can actually enjoy all lovely cakes instead of just the silkworm cake in the dream.

  • 2. kempton  |  December 12, 2006 at 8:13 am

    Hope you feel better soon with the tasteless and smell-less cough&cold suppressant. Afterall, I am sure the silkworm taste better when you feel better. Thanks for grossing me out with the silkworms.

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