November 30, 2006 jeansdream

My hubby brought me to shopping last night in my dream.  Oh that’s sweeeet.  🙂  He said there’s a new sports clothing shop opening.  When we arrived the shopping mall, it’s near the closing hours.  I insisted to walk around the reception hall of the shopping mall first.  Then I saw a sign “Grand Opening :  10% discount off everything” posted on one of the display boards but I didn’t see any coupon left on the display table in front of that poster.  So we walked along the display boards to see if there’s any misplaced coupon fliers.  There’s a table with local attraction brochures, and then there was a booklet of stamps.  These were not  mock stamps but there’s no one here to watch them… perhaps they were for tourists?  The table next to it had more other brochures and another booklet of other stamps.

No more coupons… “hey, don’t spoil the happy mood!”  Then we moved on to take some stairs to visit the new store.

Somehow, we walked out of the shopping mall.  I saw Pauline walking with her arm around her Mom’s. Then my parents were in the dream.  The 2 sisters (my Mom and Pauline’s Mom) started to talk.  And I met Kev (Pauline’s second brother) and his son – about 6 years old, tanned with a sunny smile on his cute and smart face (Kev doesn’t have much a big son in real life).  “This boy is so much like Kev, a great kid!”  Then I saw Will (Pauline’s eldest brother) taking a chopper off the H sign outside the shopping mall near a covered parking lot.  “Oooooo, the blades almost touched the celling… ah, Will is pretty good!” He kept the bird moving forward at a tilted 15 degree for a couple feet till he’s away from the celling cover then off he went.


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  • 1. kempton  |  December 1, 2006 at 5:27 pm

    Hmmm, this is one random dream indeed, with sports clothing, stamps, and a chopper. (smile)

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