Persecution, and Back Window

November 25, 2006 jeansdream

Episode 1: I was going out with my cousin Pauline in Hong Kong. We were chatting about church lifes. She mentioned a music group was in great need of funding to support their ministry. I had a figure in mind $15K, and thought about sponsoring this group with $8K. We walked into the back of the chapel where that music group was meeting for practice. Suddenly couple policemen (with grey uniform) dashed into the meeting hall. Some where holding long guns, and some were having watermelon knifes. (Have you ever seen a policeman holding such knife?…) They came for Teresa and got her in the front of the hall! She looked a little different than usual as she wasn’t wear glasses. She turned pale but she remained silent. “That’s difficult to do, but she’s doing the right thing in this circumstance!” That’s my comment as a witness of this. Looked like she was persecuted for her faith but on the surface, the policemen said she had done some “bad” things. The policemen became agreesive and was beating her! She was sitting on one bench facing us. (Now this is not right as the benches should be facing the front, not the back.) Her husband, Ellick, ran towards her and wanted to rescue her away from the policemen. Then someone waved the watermelon knife at her, and Ellick moved in from the right of the bench. But he suddenly dropped next to the bench isle to the ground, as he was shot in the leg! Then it was too violent and bloody to describe here.

Episode 2: I was looking out to the back window of my bedroom in Hong Kong. In that direction, it’s the non-street-facing side of the apartment, where people dry clothes in the indented bay area with long bamboo sticks. * A little background: when I was living in that apartment, we had a ritual to lock up the metal frame of the kitchen window (also facing this indented bay area) every night with a small padlock as I believed there were break-in cases and burglary entered people’s home by climbing up through the indented bay from the ground floor into the kitchen. And we also had to shut the windows in the kitchen to prevent rats… yup, that’s Hong Kong and we do have rats… some said they have seen rats like the size of a cat… woooo… (I haven’t seen one.) End of background; back to my dream * It’s all dark outside. I saw a thin, middle-aged man standing outside the building on a narrow hangover, trying to break in to a unit upstairs… he tried to push open the window (eh? push open??) , then he tried to pull it (ok that makes more sense). Nope, he couldn’t do it. Hee Hee. 😀


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  • 1. kempton  |  November 26, 2006 at 3:30 am

    First episode sounds like a QT ( ) movie with a touch of John Wu ( ).

  • 2. Shopping « JeanR&hellip  |  November 30, 2006 at 11:04 pm

    […] Somehow, we walked out of the shopping mall.  I saw Pauline walking with her arm around her Mom’s. Then my parents were in the dream.  The 2 sisters (my Mom and Pauline’s Mom) started to talk.  And I met Kev (Pauline’s second brother) and his son – about 6 years old, tanned with a sunny smile on his cute and smart face (Kev doesn’t have much a big son in real life).  “This boy is so much like Kev, a great kid!”  Then I saw Will (Pauline’s eldest brother) taking a chopper off the H sign outside the shopping mall near a covered parking lot.  “Oooooo, the blades almost touched the celling… ah, Will is pretty good!” He kept the bird moving forward at a tilted 15 degree for a couple feet till he’s away from the celling cover then off he went. […]

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