Catwoman and Candy

November 24, 2006 jeansdream

Catwoman – that’s me, not becasue I had a black leather super tight body suit…  but because I am not sure if I was a cat or a person in my dream last night!

We ( that’s me with a crowd of other cats who could talk like human…) were trapped inside a glass house ran by a witch.  She had long long hair (with a big curl near the tip of the hair) and was wearing a long white cotton/linen rope.  She didn’t need to walk; she drifted (like a ghost).  We tried to escape.  But as soon as that witch saw us escaping, she would utter a spell and then we would be “pulled” back to somewhere behind her. 

One day in bright day light, I knew she went to her bedroom on the second floor for a nap.  “Hey, that’s our chance!  BUT don’t make any noise!” 3 cats nodded back.  We pushed open a slding glass door.  As we passed the door, one bummed into the edge of the glass door and instantly I knew that the witch knew!  Then we ran like a crazy cat (me too) to the direction of the main door.  “Faster!  Faster!  As long as we are out of her sight, we would be OK and she spell won’t work!… RUN!  “

Did we make it? 

I don’t remember.  🙂   More importantly, I found Candy_Candy – one of my fav cartoon characters; this episode on YouTube must be one of the most memeroable ones!!

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  • 1. kempton  |  November 24, 2006 at 4:29 am

    Funny crazy cats indeed. (smile)

    Here is an episode of Candy with English subtitle (I searched for Candy English). Enjoy.

  • 2. jeansdream  |  November 25, 2006 at 2:29 am

    Wow you’ve made my day! Thanks for this wonderful link. 🙂

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