Against the malignant Police Brotherhood

November 20, 2006 jeansdream

True or false:  absolute authority is precedence to the ultimate corruption.  That certainly was the reality in my dream last night.

It’s almost all dark outside, just with a dust of the last dawn light fading out.   A bunch of cops gathered on a second floor of a downtown abandoned warehouse.  This didn’t look like a normal, official police gathering.  The floor had a roll of over-sized windows covered with hanging grayish, dusty blinds on the street-facing side.  The cops seemed to be gathering around a table.  There were wild laughs bursting ups and downs.   A girl with short dark hair was held down against a table.  Two cops, one male and one female, were interrogating this girl who looked very angry.  She wasn’t innocent, but the cops weren’t interrogating under the formal routine process neither.  Why would the cops do this?  Oh… it’s because they were reinforcing the concept of the “police brotherhood” among each other from very senior cops to the very green ones.  Some would call this corruption.  This was really bad…  that’s not the right way!

Just when I was terrified with what I saw, I noticed two female cops, both appeared a little scared but determined, were sneaking up to a window over by a hanging roof for the ground floor.   They slowly lifted a blind and put a stethoscope with a sound-recording device against a window… they were trying to collect some evidence of this crime! (Do you notice here…  why would the blinds be hanging from the outside of the window?!!)  Just when the stethoscope touched the window, the “tick” sound, however soft, caught the attention of a senior cop.   In the next second, all cops already knew about the passive intruders.   This meeting was off-the-record.  It never happened.  The pack knew the situation was extremely dangerous to their career.  They all pulled their guns out.  No one made any noise, they already knew what to do:  some ran towards the window, and the rest ran outside to the ground floor.

Knowing that they became noticeable and were being pursued, in a life or death situation, the two female cops outside ran in separate directions.  One jumped down the hanging roof and appeared to have successfully escaped into a tunnel on the street under a puddle.   The ripple reflections gave her move away!  A stream of cops followed her into the tunnel under the puddle.  Another one, running on the roof, unfortunately, was hunted down by the bad cops.  She was then brought into the warehouse, tied up and was held down on the opposite side of the interrogation desk.   Another series of the abuse had started.

In the dark corner, the escaped cop slower moved into the street light.  She actually didn’t go into the tunnel.   She was just hiding against a wall in the shadow.  How did she trick the bad cops to think she had gone that way?…  Ah, she flicked a pebble into the puddle!  From her expression, she was ready to go back to the crime scene to finish off what she had started.  Oh my, she was smart and brave.  Anyway, what’s her next move…!!

End of dream.   🙂 

It’s not too late to catch Casino Royale; I am sure you’re have more fun than reading my half-baked dream above.    I really like Daniel’s performance.  I started to like him since Munich.  Don’t let me know if you are disappointed.   🙂

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  • 1. kempton  |  November 22, 2006 at 8:03 am

    An interesting open-ended cop story with a different bend.

    By the way, I thought Daniel did a great job as Bond too. I did notice a lot of similar moves to the Thai movie Ong-bak (2003) though. Good stuff.

  • 2. jeansdream  |  November 23, 2006 at 2:52 am

    Bond 22 😉

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