Field Trip – Take 2

November 19, 2006 jeansdream

This is another recurring theme in my dreams – adventurous field trips.

The trip site had couple buildings; one for meeting with an auditorium, one for sleeping, one for meals and washrooms. They were not connected but in near proximity. It’s deep winter time. A tranquil surrounding with little birds hopping and chipping among low bushes on the walk sides.

I was walking from a building to another. I stopped by when I saw a black bird looking my direction. I held my hand out, inviting that little bird to come closer. I was wearing my U of T windbreaker (which was a gift from my Bro when I finished my first Computer Science course). “Just give it a try…” The little bird flew towards me and actually stopped at my bare forehand! Remember the snow fight scene in the animation Beauty and the Beast? Yup, like that, except Belle was playing with many little birds but I was only playing with one. I sort of felt the sharp claws but it didn’t hurt too much. “Hm… what about bird flu!… It’s the country side and the birds looked healthy.. should be ok?” This little fellow had dark thick short feathers with a black short peak and a pair of vivid yellow eyes. It looked very sharp and cute. Then I slowly moved my hand toward the bushes as I thought it might want to feed. There were couple small insects. The little fellow pecked on one and pulled its head away when it got an insect and started shaking its head lefts and rights. “Oh no… what if that worm/insect falls on my hand…” Fortunately, that insect went into the stomach of the little fellow safely. Phew! 😛

Then I entered the auditorium building. Some kind of audition was going on. A girl friend wasn’t feeling well. I gave her some Chinese herbal anti-cold crystal to add to her paper cup. The crystal should make her water brown but the water was still clear. Somehow I took over the paper cup. “Hope this (drinking this cup) won’t make me sick.” There was a big pile of small plastic containers with water inside in the centre of the hall, stacked up to about 2 person’s height. (We have these small plastic containers at home. 🙂 ). They were there free for people in the hall to drink. On my way out, I threw away the paper cup in the garbage bin and there, the water was spilled and suddenly the water turned brown (finally).

Then I was on a bus. It started to move. “Oh no, why was it driving on the frozen lake surface instead of the gravel…!! The bus driver (whom I didn’t see) was trying hard to go back to the gravel, but it lost control and was skidding forward! There were rocks and some seals or sea lions by the rock piles… “oh please don’t run into them… ” It was going forward… perhaps the bus driver wanted to go forward… “ay…. watch out… it’s the end and there’s a cliff coming up!!” The ground was no longer icy. The bus finally stopped over some rocks with some dead grass covered. Passengers needed help to unload. It’s my Dad’s turn. He had back problems; he couldn’t bend his back and climbed out of the window! “Oh someone please gave him a hand… please!” No one helped him Then I rushed up to carry him on my back and got him out of the bus. I did it!

That’s it about this dream. Perhaps this recurring theme is a hint that may be it’s time to take a vacation. However, for the recent future, I won’t be able to take any trips. Good that I remember my dreams… reminds me of a line The Wedding Planner – “those who can’t wed, plan for weddings” (may not be exact words, but in the spirit). 😛

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  • 1. kempton  |  November 22, 2006 at 7:57 am

    May be a short get away will work magic.

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