Doctor, Taxi and Fake Light Tube

November 13, 2006 jeansdream

Long post. 🙂 Ready?

I was at the doctor’s clinic. Appointment was 4 pm. I arrived early (very early) at around 2 pm. Waited. Then at around 4 pm, I heard from the nurses that my appointment might be postponed to 5:30 pm. I became impatient and went into a mild discussion with the nurses, arguing it’s not fair and others shouldn’t jump the line etc etc. Then they let me in to see the doctor (not my usual family doctor who’s very nice and is a lady doctor). He’s a guy. He had a smirking smile and started to ask about the reason of the visit and he asked if I knew about the “cost” of seeing him now instead of later. Then suddenly he put his face right in right of me to talk. I don’t remember what he was saying, only remembered I felt very uncomfortable but I didn’t move my head away and listened (argh, why I put up with this misbehaviour in my dream?! I need to learn to fight that next time). Then he moved to behind me and in my dream’s conscious, he started using his chin to poke my shoulder!! That’s it – that’s enough and I left the office.

Then I went on driving, telling myself that I should avoid allowing a taxi driver to get me at this rush hour. And I told myself to drive without the taxi’s vacant light on, and stayed away from the pavement curb. (Ding ding ding… why would my car had a taxi’s sign; I wasn’t driving a taxi! And, how could a taxi driver get me if I were already driving… reminder… this was my dream. 😛 )

Then I went into a big house. It looked like that it’s under renovation and I was about to move out. A bunch of annoying people (I know none of them in reality, but they were annoying to me in my dream anyway) were walking around, moving things, checking if I took more than I should have taken. I had quite a bit of things, and most of them were on book cases, on shelves. Then I picked up a fluorescent light tube which didn’t belong to me and I threw that outside my room. There were some kids running around the house, playing in the mess of piles. One stepped on that light tube. “Oh no!!” I was worried that he might get hurt badly with the glass chips. But the adults around him didn’t care too much, and the kid didn’t cry… he was just checking out his foot curiously. I thought that maybe a fake light tube – like the ones made with sugar, used for TV making. Then I went on packing.


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  • 1. kempton  |  November 14, 2006 at 6:30 am

    I think I am learning to like the fun in reading about dreams is that it can jump around like crazy and you couldn’t make sense of things sometimes (e.g. like the taxi light).

    Few years ago, I saw this Canadian film call “Possible Worlds” (2000)
    I had such a tough time figuring out what the filmmaker was trying to do or say until or close to the end. I ended up liking the film as a whole (while some people hate it). Anyway, the mystery in “Possible Worlds” draw some parallel in the “logic” in dreams sometimes. Just let go and enjoy for whatever it is.

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