Charity – $2 gift

November 5, 2006 jeansdream

Last night I had couple of dreams, or may be just one but I forgot some linking points.

I went on a trip. I was looking for a motel on a hilly country side to stay. It must had been raining hard; some motel lobbies along the downhill route were mildly flooded. Some other young guys (in my “conscious” in the dream, they were European folks backpacking) couldn’t care less and went in. I chose to try another one on a uphill path but still pretty close to where i was standing. It’s an OK room; had thought about the price (boy must be more expensive than the ones those backpackers went in) but the flood picture shut the price factor off without much problem.

Oh it was actually a charity trip and somehow in a group gathering occasion where lots of people sat around ample number of round tables, I had to walk around and reminded people to please remember to return the videos they had signed out during the trip. I was a little shy and timid when I raised my voice and asked around but I knew it’s good and I did that. Then a lady in one table, her name was Mrs. Leung (I don’t know who this Mrs. Leung was), said she wanted to buy 50 of the charity gifts (which apparently I was asking previously if any one would like to contribute) which was $2 each. She then gave me a $20 dollar bill, and I carefully took it and asked myself to remember to submit that to the church for this order. (OK I can’t do math in my dreams. Yes I know, thank you for catching this.) When I finished walking around the tables, I managed to submit this order to the chairperson. Then I was thinking, would this charity gift sell go better if we promoted it this way: get this for your friend as a Christmas gift!

Then I went into a room with couple hugh windows and tied-up curtains by the windows, supposedly a washroom? There were people walking outside the washroom. Boy I couldn’t take a bath with so many people walking outside!! Then I untied the “butterfly knots” to release the curtains to create some privacy. I don’t remember if I took a shower after that!


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  • 1. kempton  |  November 7, 2006 at 1:58 am

    Hi Jean,
    Lots of details in your dream indeed. I don’t usually remember this much detail.
    Of course, I automatically checked the math too. And then I realized that was your dream! (smile)

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